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Peavey SP 4 Dual 15" 4000w Passive Black Widow Biampable 3-Way PA Speaker SP4

Peavey SP4 Dual 15",4000 Watt 3-Way PA Speaker With Black Widow Woofer, Biamp Capability,and the Peavey-Exclusive Sound Guard Protection Circuit
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The new SP4 incorporates two of the new Quadratic Throat Waveguides and an enclosure made from Baltic birch plywood. The SP 4 is a Quasi three-way speaker system comprised of two 15” Black Widow BWX SF series woofer with a Kevlar®/Carbon Fiber-impregnated cones, and an Rx22 compression driver loaded onto a constant directivity waveguide. The SP 4 has a trapezoidal-shaped enclosure, which reduces the buildup of standing waves inside the enclosure to minimize mid-bass and mid-range coloration. It is constructed of  nine-ply Baltic birch and covered with a durable black carpet. Use of the Baltic birch plywood provides an enclosure that is 11% lighter than the previous SP 4X. The enclosure corners are reinforced with metal corners, and a black powder-coated, perforated metal grille covers the lower half of the system to protect the woofer from external damage.

The two-way system consists of the following driver components:  two 15” Black Widow BWX SF series woofers with Kevlar/Carbon Fiber-impregnated cones and dust caps. The woofer section is capable of over 1,000 Watts of continuous power handling (AES Std 2-1984). The woofers can handle a lot of sheer power. The high frequencies are handled by a 2” Rx22 titanium diaphragm compression driver utilizing ferrofluid cooling. This superb driver is coupled to a Quadratic Throat constant directivity horn (U.S. Patent #6,059,069) to provide smooth, even response, low distortion and good high frequency dispersion. This horn has an asymmetrical vertical polar response, aiming the main energy lobe down 10 degrees so it is aimed at the audience instead of over their heads. This reduces ceiling reflections, ensuring greater clarity and gain before feedback. The Rx22 driver features the Radialinear Planar Phase Correction System (U.S. Patent #6,064,745), which provides a smoother and extended high frequency response.Full-range input connection to the system is made via two 1/4” phone jacks and a four-pin Neutrik in parallel, and bi-amping flexibility is provided via an internal jumper that can be accessed  by unscrewing and removing the input cup.

The internal passive crossover features the Peavey-exclusive Sound Guard protection circuit for the tweeter and an advanced topology crossover with high performance components to provide high power handling and reliability. Sound Guard provides long- and medium-term driver overload protection without impairing musical transients or dynamics on either the mid-range or the tweeter when the system is used full range or when it is bi-amped. The crossover provides driver roll-off and protection as well as driver EQ for the woofer and horn for a clean, clear and smooth response. High quality, reliable crossover components include polypropylene capacitors and high current inductors. The optimal integration of the crossover with the selected drivers results in a smooth frequency response from 52 Hz to 17 kHz.Despite its compact dimensions, this system can produce very high sound levels and handle 2,000 Watts program power, resulting in high articulation and long-term reliability.


  • Peavey SP4 Dual 15" 4000w Passive Black Widow Biampable 3-Way PA Speaker
  • Quasi three-way, full-range SR system
  • Rx™22 compression driver with ferrofluid cooling
  • Two 15” BWX Black Widow® 4” VC woofer
  • 2,000 Watts program, 4,000 Watts peak
  • Patented Quadratic Throat Waveguide™ technology
  • Asymmetrical horn aims the sound down 10° (at the audience, not over their heads)
  • Sound Guard™ III tweeter protection
  • Full-range inputs include a Neutrik® Speakon®four-pin jack and two 1/4” phone jacks
  • Bi-amp capability via internal  wiring jumper
  • Trapezoidal Baltic birch enclosure, 11% lighter than SP 4X


  • Frequency response, 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine in anechoic environment: 52 Hz to 17 kHz (±3 dB)
  • Usable low frequency limit (-10 dB point): 45 Hz
  • Power handling:
  • Full range:
    ....1,000 Watts continuous
    ....2,000 Watts program
    ....4,000 Watts peak
  • Low frequency section:
    ....1,000 Watts continuous
    ....2,000 Watts program
    ....4,000 Watts peak
  • High frequency section:
    ....60 Watts continuous
    ....120 Watts program
    ....240 Watts peak
  • Sound pressure level, 1 Watt,1 meter in anechoic environment:
  • Full range:
    ....100.0 dB SPL (2.83 V input)
  • Low frequency section:
    ....101 dB SPL (2.83 V input)
  • Mid/high frequency section:
    ....107 dB SPL (2.83 V input)
  • Maximum sound pressure level (1 meter):
  • Full range:
    ....130 dB SPL continuous
    ....136 dB SPL peak
  • Low frequency section:
    ....131 dB SPL continuous
    ....137 dB SPL peak
  • Passive mid/high frequency section:
    ....129 dB SPL continuous
    ....135 dB SPL peak
  • Radiation angle measured at -6 dB point of polar response:
    ....90° horizontal by 40° vertical
    ....The vertical main polar lobe is angled down 10° with respect to straight ahead being +10, -30°
  • Transducer complement:
  • Low frequency section:
    ....2x 15" woofer, vented 1508-8 HE SF
  • High frequency section:
    ....1x .875" exit /51mm voice coil RX™ 22 compression driver on an asymmetrical Quadratic Throat CD Horn
  • Box tuning frequency:
  • Low Frequency Section:  58 Hz
  • Crossover frequency (internal passive):
  • Low frequency – High frequency: 1800 Hz
  • Recommended Active Crossover Frequency Region and Slope:
  • Low Frequency – High Frequency: 1800 Hz at 12 dB/octave
  • Time Offset:
  • Low Frequency: 0.0 ms
  • Mid/High Frequency:   0.48 ms
  • Impedance (Z):
  • Full Range:
    ....Nominal: 4.0 Ohms
    ....Minimum:3.4 Ohms
  • Low Frequency:   
    ....Nominal: 4.0 Ohms
    ....Minimum: 3.2 Ohms
  • Passive HF:
    ....Nominal: 8.0 Ohms
    ....Minimum: 5.4Ohms
  • Input connections:
  • Full Range: two 1/4" phone jacks, one Neutrik®four-pin Speakon®jack & bi-amp capability provided via an internal wiring jumper
  • Enclosure materials and finish:
  • Nine-ply Baltic birch plywood finished in black carpet
  • Mounting provisions:
  • This unit is not designed for overhead suspension
  • Built-in SA-1 stand-mount adapter and four large rubber feet on bottom for floor use
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
  • Front: 48.75” x 20.75” x 23.00” (1238 mm x 527 mm x 584 mm)
  • Rear: 48.75” x 12.88” x 23.00” (1238 mm x 327 mm x 584 mm)
  • Net Weight: 113 Lbs.(51.4kg)

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Warranty 5 YEAR