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Product Details: EQ-B7170U

Brand New Technical Pro EQ-B7170U Dual 10 Band Graphic Equalizer With USB and SD Card Inputs

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Item Code: EQ-B7170U
Warranty: 1 YEAR

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When it comes to sound design, setting up a room for a live sound performance or getting that perfect sound for your home or venue, a professional equalizer is a must have! The engineers at Technical Pro designed the EQB7170u Professional Dual 10 Band Equalizer and Pre-Amplifier with exactly that in mind. Incorporating cutting edge technology and a build that goes above and beyond the competition you can feel assured that you will achieve the best sound possible!

On the front panel, plug in a USB flash drive (up to 8GB) or SD Card (up to 4GB) and playback your music by using the easily accessible playback controls. We all know that the sound quality on MP3 music can vary…use the EQ and adjust your music to the sound you want! Add some bass if the MP3 sounds too “tinny”! Add some high end to your song if it sounds muffled or a bit flat! In addition, connect up to two audio sources via the stereo RCA connections on the back panel. Also located on the back panel are RCA outputs for a record out and main output enabling you to integrate this unit into any standard audio set up, a mobile DJ rig or your home entertainment system. Including removable rack-mount brackets, install it in your rack. What’s that? Oh you want to be able to plug in your iPod™ too? No problem! Using a standard 1/8” input, plug in your IPOD or MP3 player to the front panel and hit play!

The innovative design provides for a 10 Band equalizer with adjustment points set at 32Hz, 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, and 16kHz frequencies in addition to an overall output volume control. Compare this to a general car stereo EQ that provides for adjustments for only treble and bass. Make your settings and easily compare your changes before and after by using the Direct/Equalizer function which allows to easily bypass your settings for a precise reading with and without your adjustments. The digital display located on the front panel will show you the track number and elapsed time for playback from your USB flash drive or SD card. Including a Bass Booster, which will increase the bass frequencies even more, for low end frequencies and a Loudness booster for low and high frequencies, you can guarantee your room to sound thick, warm and full of crispy highs and booming lows!

Technical Pro’s groundbreaking new approach to industrial design incorporates advanced technology and striking good looks with rugged construction and a long list of features, providing years of audio enjoyment.


  • Dual 10 band equalizer with individual LED indicators
  • Inputs: RCA (2 audio sources)
  • USB and SD Card Inputs with controls
  • iPod / MP3 input
  • Outputs: RCA (record, main)
  • Frequency response: 32Hz-16kHz
  • Equalizations Points: 32Hz, 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 16kHz
  • Adjustment Range: ±12dB
  • Output volume control
  • Direct / Equalizer function allows option of unfiltered pass-through
  • Bass booster increases the low frequency levels
  • Loudness booster increases the low and high frequency levels
  • USB-8 GB limit, SD-4 GB limit
  • Digital display shows track number and elapsed time on USB and SD inputs
  • Removable rack-mount brackets
  • Dimensions: 19"w x 2.6"h x 9"d
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • 110V

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Please note: If you purchase Technical Pro from an un-authorized seller then you are taking a big risk. You will not have any manufacturers warranty, and there is no guarantee that the item is authentic, brand new, or even working.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer TECHNICAL PRO
Warranty 1 YEAR
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