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Product Details: MRX-M240+WK01

Package: Alpine MRX-M240 X Series D Class Mono 2400 Watt RMS Digital Car Audio Amplifier + Cadence WK01 Complete 0 Gauge Wire Kit With Rca Cables

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Item Code: MRX-M240+WK01
Warranty: 1 YEAR

Package Includes:

  • (1) Alpine MRX-M240 D Class 2400 Watt Digital Mono Car Amplifier
  • (1) Cadence WK01 Complete 0 Gauge Wire Kit

The MRX-M240 is the big dog of the Alpine amps. This is a fully digital class D amp with 2,400 watts true RMS at 1 ohm. That is some brutal amount of pure bass power. This is one of those amps that will make your subs so loud, that you will be afraid to turn the volume up all the way. Just as a warning, please be sure to only buy this amp if you got some real-deal subs that can handle a serious amount of power.

Features Of MRX-M240:

  • Alpine MRX-M240 Mono Power Amplifier
  • Class-D, Best Dollar-Per-Watt Performance
  • Max RMS Power Output: 2400 Watts
  • RMS Power Output @ 4 Ohms: 1500 Watts
  • RMS Power Output @ 2 Ohms: 2400 Watts
  • RMS Power Output @ 1 Ohm: 1000 Watts
  • PDX Technology Inside
  • Sleek Aggressive Design w/ End Caps
  • Voltage ON/OFF Sensing, Non-Fading Speaker-Level Inputs for OEM Upgrade
  • Built-in Crossover, Bass EQ, and Subsonic Filter
  • Remote Bass (RUX-KNOB) Compatible
  • Extremely Low Noise and Distortion
  • Extremely High Damping Factor
  • Reliable No-Shutdown Design
  • Install Terminal Layout: Two-Sided
  • Screw Mount / Wire Cover: Integrated Wire and Mounting Screw Terminals
  • General Amplifier Type: Class-D (Digital)
  • Channel Design: 1 Channel (Mono)
  • Power Supply Design: DC-DC PWM Power Supply
  • Power Supply: MOSFET
  • Final Outputs: Direct FET
  • Crossover: Variable Low Pass Filter
  • Gain Control: Continuously Adjustable Gain Control
  • Subsonic Filter: Variable Subsonic Filter
  • Bass EQ: Bass EQ Function
  • Bass Control: Remote Bass Control (RUX-KNOB) Ready
  • Low-impedance Possibility: Low-impedance Possibility
  • Current Protection: Over-Current, Over-Voltage and Thermal Protection
  • Board Circuitry: S.T.A.R. Circuit
  • Board Design: 6-layer Glass Epoxy PC Board
  • RCA Output: Non-Fading Pre-Amp Output
  • Speaker-Level Inputs: 4-channel Speaker Level Inputs
  • Power Indicator: Top Mounted Blue LED Power Indicator
  • Thermal Control: Multi-stage Power Limiting
  • Sound Tuning Crossover Frequency (Subwoofer, LPF): 50-400Hz, -24dB/oct.
  • Crossover Frequency (LPF): 50 - 400 Hz, -24dB/oct.
  • Subsonic Filter: 5 - 30 Hz, -24dB/oct.
  • EQ (Equalizer): 0 to +12dB, fc=50Hz
  • General Power Requirements: 14.4 V.DC (11-16V allowable)
  • Input Sensitivity (RCA Input): 0.1 - 4.0 V
  • Input Sensitivity (Speaker Level Input): 0.5 - 10 V
  • Input Impedance: >10k ohms
  • Frequency Response (+0, -3dB: 1W into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 5 - 400 Hz
  • Damping Factor for Subwoofer: >1000
  • Signal to Noise (Rated Power into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 108 dB
  • Preamp Output: 4.0 V Max.
  • Remote Level: -20 to 0 dB
  • CEA-2006 Power Ratings
  • Weight: 5.4 kg (11.8lbs.)
  • Dimensions: 18'' W x 2-1/4'' H x 9'' D (inches)

Description Of WK01:

The Cadence WK01 0 AWG (American Wire Gauge) amplifier installation kit features high purity copper power and ground cables, along with top of the line 100 % copper RCA cables and all the accessories needed to install your high powered amplifier.

The RCA signal transfer cables included in this kit feature blue and silver twisted pair technology in a clear outer jacket insulation skin. Not only do the blue and silver wires look cool but they also provide superior signal transfer with maximum noise suppression. They are 100% copper to provide absolute lossless perfect signal transfer to your receiver. This technology reduces interference, so your audio signal flows clean and pure at all power levels.

This kit also includes a massive 200 amp ANL gold plated fuse, so you can be sure it will handle the all the DC power that your amp will need without even the slightest loss of current. The included 7’ split loom tube provides protection for your power cable from the typically harsh environment found under the hood of your car.

Audiosavings product experts have tested this amp kit against many leading amp kits on the market and were were impressed not only by the great looks but by the quality of these Cadence installation kits as well. These kits had a lower resistance rating than the other brands we compared and tested them against. What this means is that Cadence manufactures their kits with more pure copper, ultimately providing your amplifiers with better and cleaner DC power, so they work cooler and more efficiently. You will hear the difference a Cadence installation kit will make!

From all the testing and research we did, here is what we found out. The resistance per foot of this kit is 0.23882300. Most brands will not give you this rating so we tested the other brands cables. We tested name brand cables so they weren't bad. They had a resistance rating of 0.2650. The cheaper brands were way worse than this. The cheaper brands may show you a very thick cable, but its thick with plastic insulation and thin in the actual amount of wire used inside. Don't be fooled, resistance is the only rating that matters when it comes to wires and cables.

Do not take a chance of using a kit that falls short. It could ultimately cause damage by starving your amp for current and in worst case scenarios, those cables can get so hot they actually melt and can catch on fire!

The conclusion is that Cadence does a great job manufacturing amp kits while other brands are deceiving consumers. Similar kits we tested actually use about 15 % less copper and they will not perform properly.


  • 17’ – 0 Gauge Translucent Blue SuperFlex Power Cable
  • 3’ – 0 Gauge Translucent Black SuperFlex Ground Cable
  • Gold Plated ANL Heat Resistance Fuse Holder
  • 200 Amp ANL Gold Plated Fuse
  • 1 – 17’ High Grade Twisted Pair of RCA Interconnects
  • 25’ Translucent Blue Speaker Wire
  • 7’ Split Loom Tubing
  • 17’ Amplifier Remote Turn On Cable
  • Wire Ties and Ring Terminals, and all other accessories you need for a clean installation

Product Specifications

Built In Crossover LP
CEA Compliant Yes
Channels Mono
Class Class D
Fan Cooled No
Fuse Rating N/A
Manufacturer ALPINE
Max Input Gauge Size 0
Minimum Impedence 2 ohm
Peak Power Output N/A
Preamp Outputs No
Remote Bass Knob Yes
RMS Power at 1 Ohm N/A
RMS Power at 2 Ohms 2400 Watts
RMS Power at 4 Ohms 1500 Watts
THD at Rated RMS 1%
Total PEAK Power Output (Watts) N/A
Total RMS Power Output (Watts) 2400 w
UPC 793276011909
Warranty 1 YEAR
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