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Item Code: GUBER CM-01 WHT
Warranty: 3 YEAR

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Direct Drive Turntable with acrylic platter

  • Direct Drive turntable
  • Plays 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM records
  • Line level output
  • Available in Black and White.

Vestax Guber Cube CM-01 Turntable

Vestax has been the #1 turntable innovators for a while now. The guber CM-01 is a visually stunning new turntable, and until recently it was confined to the international market. Uniquely manufactured with a physically perfect transparent acrylic platter and a reduced size chassis base, the cm01 is undeniably the best looking turntable around. Powered by a high torque motor, and benefiting from a straight tone arm, the cm01 also incorporates a +/-10% pitch range, so djing is more than possible. Vinyl playback is a pleasure with such a turntable, the quartz lock function allows for wave less listening, meaning the cm01 sounds as good as it looks. The guber cube cm01's are of extremely limited edition, finding one is half the problem, so snap one up now - they aren't going to be around for long!

Superb features are included with the CUBE MIX PLAYER, including an ASTS tone arm allowing the use of the CUBE for DJs. Of course the ability for 33/45 rpm but also quartz lock (on/off), the start and stop and pitch control are controllable in rotary form. Desired speeds are attainable at zero to 0.5 seconds (33rpm mode) and the torque is set at 1.6kg?cm. And to top it off, the CUBE is pre-loaded with a phonograph equalizer, just as the ones found in $2000 class DJ mixers.
Experience the Future in Music, Vestax.

  • The unique design of allowing the platter to stick out from the body gives a new look to turntables, smaller size with bigger appearance.
  • The 5mm thick acryl platter and the machined skin brass balance weights stabilizes the rotation and inertia moment, which provides excellent wow flatter performance together with its stylish design.
  • We have applied the same high-torque AC direct drive motor used in our VESTAX DJ turntables. The starting torque isomer than 1.6kg/cm and has a highly accurate rotation performance when it's combined with the quartz lock.
  • If you feel to do more than just listen to records, try mixing it. The +/-10% pitch control (speed adjustment) combined with the START/STOP button will allow you to match the beat and blend songs together. (This turntable is not made for scratching)
  • The built in high quality RIAA equalizer, which is used in$2000+ class mixers, allows the CUBE-T to output the sound via LINE level to your amplifiers and stereo components.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer VESTAX
Warranty 3 YEAR
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