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Product Details: (2) ZX4720+10DQS+K2

Package: Pair of (2) Brand New Volfenhag Zx-4720 10" 2,000 Watt Dual Voice Coil Car Subwoofers + Atrend Dual 10" Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure + Dual Sub Box Enclosure Kit With 14 Gauge Speaker Wire + Screws + Spade Terminals

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Item Code: (2) ZX4720+10DQS+K2
Warranty: 2 YEAR

Package Deal Includes:

  • (2) Volfenhag 10" dual voice coil subwoofers
  • Atrend top of the line dual 10" sealed sub enclosure
  • 20 Drywall Wood Screws (Wood screws are the type of screws; the screws are actually made of metal)
  • 20 Feet of 14 AWG Blue Speaker Wire
  • 4 Spade Terminals

This is a complete dual 10" subwoofer package. This includes everything you need to install it in your vehicle. This package was put together by our top MECP certified audio engineer. This package is guaranteed to give you great sound quality, and a lot of bass for your car stereo. We guarantee our engineers properly match up the subwoofers and the box to proper specifications.

Description for Volfenhag subs:

The Volfenhag ZX-4720 10" 1,000 watt competition subwoofer has a huge cone and an oversized magnet, as you can see in the last picture. This subwoofer is able to produce twice as much power as other 1,000 watt subs out there, because of the engineering put into these subs. These subs have a dual 4 ohm voice coils, and the magnet weighs in at an incredible 160 Oz.

These subs sound crisp and clear. They have rubber surrounds to stop unwanted vibrations, and static. Volfenhag is a German Concept, and every feature on these subs were well though out, and Volfenhag, as always produced another winner, at a great price.


  • 10" high powered subwoofer
  • 1,000 watts max output
  • 500 watts RMS rated
  • Huge 160 oz. Double stacked Ferrite magnets
  • 5 spoke Die-cast aluminum basket
  • Shiny Aluminum Red Cone
  • Reinforced aluminum curvilinear cone
  • Oversized Buytl Rubber surrounds
  • 2 Flat ultra excursion Spinder
  • T Yoke
  • Chromed Hex bolt
  • Bumped and Vented
  • Double damper magnetic motor assembly
  • Dual 4 ohm voice coils
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 2.2"
  • Frequency range: 22 Hz-1.1 kHz
  • SPL: 85 dB 1W/1m
  • Top Mount Depth: 5 3/8"
  • Cutout Diameter: 9-1/4"
  • Recommended Sealed Enclosure Volume: 1 - 1.7 cubic feet
  • Recommended Sealed Enclosure Volume: 1.5 - 2.0 cubic feet

Description for Atrend Closure:

Top of the line Atrend quality!

The Atrend 10DQS is a small dual 10" sealed subwoofer box. The thickness of these boxes are unmatched! The front panel of the box where the sub gets mounted is made of extremely thick 1" inch MDF wood. The rest of the box is built with 3/4" high-grade MDF construction. While other manufacturers use 3/4" or less MDF in the front panel, Atrend chooses to use a thicker 1" MDF because the front panel receives the most pressure causing the wood to flex more than the rest of the box. With the thick 1" MDF you will have no warping or breaking of the wood over time, and less distortion from your subs, and significantly improved sound quality. These use top quality glue with multiple coatings to ensure long life.

One of the major issues with off brand name boxes and import boxes are that the cut-out sizes of the holes where you mount the subwoofer are not shaped perfectly. Atrend specializes in manufacturing sub enclosures and their cut-out holes are always exact to the specifications.

When it comes to your subwoofer box, you need the highest quality. Atrend is known by car audio experts to be one of the best manufacturers for subwoofer enclosures. If you want great sound quality, be careful not to buy a box that is a cheap import. Atrend specializes in manufacturing subwoofer enclosures and they are the best at it!

We have had our MECP certified audio engineers lab test many subwoofer enclosures from many different manufacturers. Atrend was by far the best in performance, sound quality and construction.


  • Dual 10"small sealed subwoofer enclosure
  • Dimensions in inches: 24" Width x 12" Height x 15.5" Top depth x 15.5" Bottom Depth
  • Volume per sub: 1.0 cubic feet
  • Machine precision cut mounting holes
  • 3/4" heavy Dusty Construction
  • 1" MDF mounting holes
  • Multi layers of high-grade glue ensure long life and no air leaking out
  • High quality spring loaded terminals
  • Mounting Depth: up to 15.5" (enough depth for any sub on the market)
  • Dado end panels
  • Designed, tested, and engineered to work with most of today’s popular woofers. These enclosures are built with the quality additives needed to maximize the performance of any sound system.

You also Get:

Complete Dual Subwoofer Enclosure Installation Kit!


  • 20 Drywall Wood Screws (Wood screws are the type of screws; the screws are actually made of metal)
  • 20 Feet of 14 AWG Blue Speaker Wire
  • 4 Spade Terminals

This accessory package includes everything you need to install two subwoofers into an enclosure, and wire your enclosure to your amplifier. This package is a top of the line accessory package which we put together and tested.

The drywall wood screws were hand selected by our installation experts because they drill into the enclosure very cleanly, without chipping the enclosure. The speaker wire is 14 gauge. This is way better than using 16 gauge. You can be 100 % sure that your enclosure will have a clean signal to the amplifier with this top of the line speaker wire. These spade terminals have also been hand selected by our installation experts to make the internal wiring simple, secure, and to run the audio signal cleanly.

Product Specifications

# of subs Dual
Ideal Sealed Minimum Box Volume cubic feet N/A
Ideal Vented/Ported Minimum Box Volume cubic feet N/A
Impedance Dual 4ohm
Manufacturer VOLFENHAG
Peak Power Handling Watts 1501-2000
RMS Power Handling Watts 751-1000
Sensitivity (dB) 81-90 dB
Size of Subs 10"
Sub Shape Design Circle
Subwoofer Size 10"
Top Mounting Depth 5 3/8
Type of Enclosure Sealed
Warranty 2 YEAR
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