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Product Details: KDC-348U

Brand New Kenwood KDC-348U In Dash Single Din CD/USB Receiver With Detachable Face + Remote Control

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Item Code: KDC-348U
Warranty: 1 YEAR

9Kenwood KDC-348U
General Features:
Universal Single Din:
This receiver will fit in any vehicle. It is a universal single din size that is 2" in height.

Detachable Panel:
The detachable panel ensures the receiver does not get stolen at night. You can detach the control panel and take it with you. The panel can be screwed in if you want to make it non-detachable.

Plays numerous CD formats:
This will play all the popular CD formats including CD/CDR/CDRW.

RDS Radio Tuning:
This will display the name of the radio station (for example Z100) and will also display the artist name and song title! RDS also gives you much better radio reception. This is similar to HD radio but you do not have to spend extra money. Luxury vehicles such as Lexus will sometimes offer this in their premium sound systems. This premium receiver has this feature!

AM/FM MPX Radio:
This single din in-dash receiver will get you great radio reception with the built in AM/FM radio tuner. The radio antenna wire is built into the wire harness to ensure great reception. The manual/automatic search allows you to search for your favorite station with complete ease. The receiver also allows you to store up to 24 preset stations (18FM and 6AM).

HD Radio tuner built in + iTunes Tagging!
With almost any brand out there that makes receivers, you will need to pay extra money if you want to buy the HD Radio module. However, this receiver has HD Radio built in. There are no monthly fees, but you get free radio sub-channels which you normally would not get. The reception is also crystal clear in high definition and the receiver will display the station name, song name, and more. In addition this is one of the only receivers on the market that supports iTunes tagging. This allows you to tag a song you like on the radio to download it later from the iTunes music store.

Remote Control:
The full function remote that comes with this unit lets you browse through music by entering the track number.

Audio Functions:
High Power and Great Sound Quality:
The receiver’s peak power is rated at 50 x 4 watts and 22 x 4 watts RMS, which is extremely loud. This receiver uses a MOSFET power supply which is known to power the speakers more efficiently. The lower end receivers use amps that are not MOSFET powered and they do not put nearly as much power to your speakers as one with a MOSFET power supply used by most of the premier brand name receivers, such as this one. This receiver will make your speakers loud without having to purchase any additional external amps!

3 Band Equalizer:
The 3 band parametric equalizer will allow you to really fine tune the output of your audio. You can either select from one of the eight preset tone curves for different music types, or you can use the custom EQ curve.

Ability to connect multiple external amps:
This receiver makes your car audio system expandable. The pre-amp outputs allow you to hook up external amps for your speakers without needing to purchase additional accessories. Since this has 3 sets of pre-amps you can hook up multiple amplifiers. This has front, rear, and sub pre-amp outputs so you can amplifiy all your interior speakers, and add a subwoofer amplifier. This receiver utilizes 5V - preamp outputs. The front and rear speaker preamp outputs are balance and fade adjustable.

Built in High and Low pass Crossover filters:
The high pass filter will allow you to filter out unwanted noises from your full range speakers while the lowe pass crossover filter will allow you to filter out unwanted noises from your bass or mid-bass speakers. A crossover also allows your speakers to go louder without distorting them because you are filtering out the frequencies that cause the speaker to distort easily. The crossover also will make your speakers last longer because they eliminate distortion frequencies and distortion is what causes speakers to blow. With the crossover your speakers will last 10 times longer. The electronic crossover has selectable frequencies for high pass and low pass operation.

Integrates with iPods and iPhones:
The USB input on this receiver has iPod and iPhone direct controls built in. This means you can simply plug your iPod or iPhone into the USB with the wire that comes with all iPods and it will play back through this receiver. In addition when your iPod is plugged in it will get charged. When your iPod is plugged into the receiver you will be able to use the touchscreen controls to change songs and operate your iPod.

USB Input:
Allows easy access for you to hook up any portable, MP3 player, or other portable USB audio device including a USB thumb drive with audio and video stored on it, or a portable hard drive.

Aux A/V input:
The aux input will allow you to easily connect a portable audio or video device. It is an RCA Audio Video Input which means you will be able to transmit audio and video to the monitor through this one input. You can connect a video game system, digital camera, camcorder, navigation, VCR, or any other device you can think of.

Front, and Rear Aux A/V inputs:
This receiver has (2) sets of aux A/V inputs to connect secondary sources such as video game systems, or any other video devices. There is a front 3.5 MM A/V input that is easily accessible. If you feel the need for a second auxiliary input, you can use an optional adapter and this receiver can accept a rear input from an auxiliary source. Using this rear auxiliary input, you can connect a rearview camera or other video device.

Bluetooth Ready (Requires KCA-BT300):
When you connect the optional bluetooth interface (KCA-BT300), the receiver will display all your caller ID information and mute your music automatically, when you receive a phone call! When you talk using the hands free, the sound will come from your car speakers, and you can listen and talk freely!

Ipod and Iphone Ready:
Controls and operates and charges your iPod or iPhone. The receiver will display artist and song information on the beautiful display. This requires the Jlink Ipod cable.

XM and Sirius Ready:
The receiver will display artist names, and song titles, and it will give you full XM controls directly from the receiver. The XM Tuner and antenna is required for XM Radio.

HD Radio Ready:
There are no monthly fees, but you get free radio sub-channels which you normally would not get! The reception is also crystal clear in high definition and the receiver will display the station name, song name, and more. To do this, you need the Kenwood KTC-HR300.

Steering Wheel Control Ready:
You can control the receiver directly from your stock steering wheel controls with the optional SWI-JACK.


  • General Features:
    • CD receiver with AM/FM tuner
    • Built-in MOSFET amplifier
    • Plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RW discs including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA music files
    • Detachable face with red and blue illumination
    • Remote control
  • Audio Features:
    • System Q Sound Control (6 EQ curves and a 3-band equalizer)
    • Supreme Setting function restores high frequencies in music files
    • High- and low-pass filters for speaker and preamp outputs
    • Subwoofer level controls
  • Expandability:
    • Built-in iPod controls
    • Compatible with satellite radio, HD Radio tuner
    • Inputs: front panel auxiliary and USB inputs
    • Outputs: 6-channel preamp outputs (front, rear, subwoofer)


  • Tuner:
    • FM:
      • FM Frequency Range: 87.9MHz - 107.9MHz
      • FM Frequency Step: 200kHz
      • FM Usable Sensitivity: 11.2dBf
      • FM Quiet Sensitivity: 19.2dBf
      • FM Frequency Response (±3.0dB): 30Hz-15kHz
      • FM Signal/Noise: 63dB(MONO)
      • FM Stereo Separation: 40dB(1kHz)
    • AM:
      • AM Frequency Range: 530kHz-1700kHz
      • AM Frequency Step: 10kHz
      • AM Usable Sensitivity: 31dBµ (36µv)
  • CD:
    • Digital Filter(D/A): 8 Times OverSampling
    • D/A Converter: 24 Bit
    • Frequency Response: 20-20kHz(±1dB)
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%(1kHz)
    • Signal/Noise Ratio (dB): 105dB(1kHz)
    • Dynamic Range: 93dB
    • MP3 Decode: Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3
    • WMA Decode: Compliant with Windows Media Audio
  • USB I/F:
    • Compatibility: USB 1.1 & 2.0 Full Speed
    • File System: FAT16/32
    • Maximum Supply Current: 500mA
    • Decode: MP3/WMA
    • Preout Level(mV)/Load Unbalanced: 2500mV/10kO(CD/CD-CH)
    • Preout Impedance(O): Under 600O
    • Speaker Impedance(O): 4-8O
  • AMP:
    • Peak Power Handling: 50 watts x 4 channel
    • RMS Power Handlind: 22 watts x 4 channel
  • General:
    • Operating Voltage: 14.4V (11 - 16 V allowable)
    • Dimensions(W x H x D):
      • 182mm x 53mm x 160mm
      • 7-3/16" x 2-1/16" x 6-5/16"

Product Specifications

Aux Input yes
Bluetooth Yes - Requires Bluetooth Adapter
Detachable Face Yes
HD Radio Yes - Requires HD Tuner Module
iPod Controls Yes - Through USB - use regular USB to iPod wire that came with your iPod
Manufacturer KENWOOD
Peak Power Rating 50 Watts x 4 Channels
Pre-Amp Outputs 3 Sets
Pre-Amp Voltage 2.5 Volts
Remote Control no
RMS Power Rating 22 Watts x 4 Channels
Satellite Radio XM or Sirius
SD Card Slot Yes
Size Single Din
Steering Wheel Control Capability Yes - Accessory Required
Subwoofer Pre-Amp Output Yes
UPC 0019048193032
USB Input yes
Warranty 1 YEAR
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