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Product Details: 17 FEET 0G100-BLUE

Cadence 0G100-BLUE 0 Gauge 17 Foot Blue Amp Power Wire w/ Cool Cable Technology (Cut from a 100 Foot Spool)

Item Code: 17 FEET 0G100-BLUE
Warranty: LIFETIME

Cadence 0G100-BLUE - 17 Feet - Cut from a 100 foot spool.

Cadence cables are manufactured with more than 30% oxygen free copper making them superior to most standard CCA cables out there on the market. Most CCA cables today use as little as 5% copper in their formulation, this causes the cables to oxidize quickly, turning black and limiting conductivity. Cadence cables which are 30% copper transfer high current draws with the absolute lowest impedance. In addition, by eliminating trapped air in our cables, our special manufacturing process ensures that our braided Super Flex cables remain extremely flexible and have a reduced skin effect which helps them keep cool and transfer power from battery to the amplifier with minimal signal loss.

What does all this mean to you?
It means a more efficient electrical system.  Your amplifiers wont be starving for power or current. You can expect longer service life from your amplifier, and increased audio performance.

Please note that Audiosavings audio engineers have tested this wire against 10 other brand names before deciding to carry these Cadence wires.  We did all this research after getting complaints about certain other wires we used to carry.

Other brands did not measure to 0 gauge like these ones.  They had thick insulation but they were short on the wire.


  • Model: 0G100
  • Gauge: 0 Gauge
  • Wire Length: 17ft
  • Cadence Cool Cable Technology
  • Special Winding Configuration Reduces Unwanted Noises and Maximizes Current Transfer
  • Incredibly Flexible Yet Extremely Durable
  • Protective Ultra Soft PVC Translucent Jacket
  • Braided Super-Flex Design Ensures Optimum Surface Area and Flexibility
  • Designed for Show Car Performance
  • 1 Foot Markings on Wire Make it Easy to Read and Easy to Cut to Appropriate Size
  • High Current Competition Class Power Cable
  • Eliminates Noise from the AC Line
  • Shielding From RFI and EMI
  • Resist Abrasions, Chemicals, and Temperature Extremes
  • Rated at 110°C (Celsius) / 230°F (Fahrenheit)
  • Guaranteed to Make Your Amplifier Run Cooler and Sound Better
  • Stranding: 7 x 7 x 55 x 0.15mm (7 Ropes Consisting of 7 Sets of 55 Strands of 0.15mm Wire)
  • Color: Blue
  • Also Available in Red / Black

Product Specifications

Gauge 1/0 AWG
Manufacturer CADENCE
UPC 812902010373
Wire Length 17 ft
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